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About Us
The Sole Source, 2004 - 2007
The Sole Source, 2004 - Present
The Sole Source was opened on December 16, 2004 by co-owners Keith Trevvett and David Burns, two veterans from the Outdoor Industry. Their vision was to have a store that would offer well-made performance footwear that is comfortable and good for your feet. The result is a hybrid shoe store carrying products from the Outdoor Industry, the Performance Running and Walking Industry and the Comfort Shoe Industry all under one roof. After 3 years in a 1600 sq ft location (top picture) in the Kroger Shopping Center in Harrisonburg, Virginia, they moved the store to a 3,400 sq ft spot (bottom picture) in the same facility.

The Sole Source staff has an in-depth knowledge of their products, proper fitting and loads of experience in addressing foot problems. The store gets many referrals from the local medical community for their products, expertise and service. The Sole Source offers great performance footwear for walking, running, trail running, hiking, backpacking, water sports and fitness as well as highly supportive shoes for professionals who are on their feet all day. They also carry a wide selection of shoes and sandals for folks just looking for a great fit and comfort for everyday use.

Community Service
Aside from their footwear specialty, The Sole Source attempts to take steps that better our world, locally and globally. The store participates in The Soles 4 Souls program by collecting shoes from the public (donation box located in the shop) and shipping them to be redistributed where there is a need throughout the world. They lead an Annual Trail Work Day which their customers are invited to participate in, and also sponsor Ultra trail runners and help defray the expenses of their sport.

The store supports the following events, races or organizations on a regular basis:

Chickenstock 5K Run in Broadway, Turkey Trot 5k Run in Keezletown, Shenandoah Mountain 100 bike race, Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition Mountain Bike Festival, MS 100 bike team “Grateful Tread”, bicycle races, Massanutten Wednesday Night Ski Race, Trout Unlimited and Wounded Warrior Foundation. The Sole Source also participates in an educational capacity for the RMH Senior Advantge and RMH Wellness Center events. Twice a year, the store offers free foot and ankle screening by local medical specialists. And finally, Keith and David are on the Advisory Committee for the Harrisonburg "Appalachian Trail Community".

Meet the Staff
David Keith Annie
Sarah Sally Matthew
David (profile by Annie, Manager - 11/03/2010)
David is a co-owner of the Sole Source. He was born in Charlottesville, Va, grew up in Vienna, Va., lived near Lake Tahoe in Nevada and currently makes his home in West Virginia with his wife and two sons.
David was a professional musician before opening the Sole Source. He also worked in the outdoor industry for 7 years. It was his love of outdoor performance footwear that led him to hang up his guitar and piano and open a shoe store that would offer performance footwear that is good for your feet. David loves the mountains. When he is not selling shoes, reading about shoes, or thinking about shoes, he loves to speed hike and go fly fishing. He is a big fan of George Harrison. His favorite footwear brands are Brooks and La Sportiva.
David's greatest love at TSS: Helping active people get into the perfect performance footwear for their feet and their specific needs.

Keith (profile by David, Co-Owner - 01/11/2011)
Keith is my business partner and co-owner of The Sole Source. He grew up in the Richmond area, out in the country as a kid and downtown as a young adult. He spent most of his childhood either on a bike or a skateboard. A long time veteran of the Outdoor Industry, Keith used to manage Alpine Outfitters in Richmond and was the buyer for their two stores and then moved to Harrisonburg in 1998 to perform the same role for Wilderness Voyagers in Harrisonburg.

He has had a long and varied “career” as an outdoor enthusiast. He thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail in 1994, rock climbed at Seneca Rocks and other localities across the country and enjoyed quite a lot of mountaineering including summiting Mount Ranier and Mount Hood twice. He has also pursued passionately mountain biking, telemark skiing and a little bit of paddling . He is the biggest gear fanatic I have ever met and is not only fully equipped for any outdoor endeavor but intimately knows about all of the gear out there and the pros and cons for every piece of it. In recent years, his greatest passion has been for fly fishing – not only for local trout and small-mouth but he has a huge fever for salt water species which led me to follow him down to Belize last winter in pursuit of bone-fish and other species. He has plenty more dreams and plans in that direction for the future.

Keith and I opened The Sole Source December 16, 2004 because we both love quality performance footwear and saw manufacturers like Merrell and Keen offering everyday comfortable shoes as well. Our concept evolved to wanting a store that just carried good things for your feet, so we got involved in 3 separate industries in the footwear world – Outdoor, Comfort, and performance Running and Walking. Keith has been the principal “designer” of both of the store sites that we have had in the Kroger shopping center – the dark blue and orange smaller store and our current light green and blue larger spot – he is really good at that sort of thing!

Keith lives with his wife, Gretchen and their two dogs – Rocky and Max on the western side of Harrisonburg.

Annie (profile by David, Co-Owner - 12/28/2010)
Annie is our store manager and is also The Sole Source family's heart and soul. After almost 2 years of Keith and me running the store by ourselves and watching it grow beyond our capabilities, we "drafted" Annie who we had both known for awhile - maybe "begged" is a more appropriate word. She didn't need us but we sure needed her. She has been with us since the summer of 2006.

Annie lives in Melrose, VA with her husband, Scott and her son, Josey and is a graduate of Broadway High School. She is a career student and aside from taking many college courses, she graduated from the Virginia School of Massage in 2002, is a Certified Massage Therapist and also a Reiki Therapist. She has worked in a score of retail establishments in the local area since her teens and so has brought loads of valuable experience to us. Annie is an extremely active person - a "short list" of her interests includes: mountain biking, kayaking, knitting, cooking, reading, music, PBR (avid fan!), movies (loves Westerns), studying anatomy, spending time with friends and family and is a HUGE fan of the beach and everything that goes with it.

When I asked Annie what she likes about working at The Sole Source, she said "The Sole Source is a family. We all get along and I think it says a lot about people when you miss them on your day off. I also enjoy helping customers find shoes that will relieve their pain or discomfort"

We love having Annie with us and there is no way to overstate her contribution to the shop. BTW - 99.9% of our Facebook and 100% of our Twitter is done by Annie.

Sarah (profile by Annie, Manager - 06/07/2012)
Sarah is from Clayton, NY which is in the beautiful Thousand Islands region. Sarah came to Harrisonburg in 2002 to study Environmental Science at EMU, and lives there with her husband. She graduated in 2006. Sarah continued her studies at the Shenandoah Valley School of Therapeutic Massage in Edinburg and graduated this year. She is now a Certified Massage Therapist. When Sarah isn't Massaging or working here, she spends her time cooking, being with friends, and enjoying the outdoors. Sarah is very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. Sarah feels that one of her special talents here, is to help ladies with larger feet to find shoes that fit. Sarah feels your pain, having larger feet herself. She likes working at the Sole Source, because we are all friends and work together as a team. Sarah is true asset to the Sole Source, and we love her very much.

Sally (profile by Annie, Manager - 05/20/2013)
Sally has been a part of The Sole Source family since she was fifteen-years-old. She's a Harrisonburg native, and a graduate of Broadway High School. Her favorite part about her job is building relationships with customers and seeing the positive changes that comfortable and proper-fitting footwear has made in their lives. Sally is very ambitious and loves to learn. She also enjoys spending time with friends and family, reading and writing, playing tennis, and hiking with her dog. Her daily mantra is to inspire people, rather it be through a creative outlet or just through a kind word and excellent customer service.

Matthew (profile by Annie, Manager - 09/25/2012)
Matthew hails from Richmond, Virginia, but is currently attending James Madison University and majoring in Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Science. He loves to tag along with the Rocktown Ridge Runners to get some miles in on the wondrous mountains of the Shenandoah region. A runner for five years now, he competed and completed the 2012 Holiday Lake 50k++ ultramarathon. He made the switch to Vibram Fivefingers and the minimalist movement almost two years ago and has loved it ever since. Other hobbies he participates in are juggling, snowboarding, cycling, and rock climbing.

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News & Events
The Sole Source will be open Sundays, Dec. 15th and 22nd from Noon - 5:00 PM for your Holiday Shopping convenience. FREE Gift Wrapping on Dec. 22nd!!!!

Trail Running Group!!!
The Sole Source sponsored runners David and Mike Frazier have started an informal group of trail runners called "The Rocktown Ridge Runners!" They meet in our store and car pool to different destinations. Keep an eye on our website for information on runs or contact us to be added to their e-mail list for run notifications. It is a fun group of people - come and join them!!

The latest (12/8):

We are calling off the run today due to the icy conditions. Although the trails will still be fun, the chance of an accident on the way is too high to risk.

I apologize for the delayed email, I was waiting to see what 'Ol Man Winter had up his sleeve. Enjoy your Sunday!